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Make 2017 your year with the help of the Mortgage Brain team

Tuesday, January 03, 2017 2:58:00 PM

Happy New year from the team here at The Mortgage Brain in Gloucester

We know that lots of  New Year resolutions will be made in the first few days of January and unfortunately most will be broken by the middle of February.

Now that 2017 is here we think it should be the year that you think of New Year's resolutions that will either increase the value of your property or help you save money.

With this in mind, we have suggested five New Year resolutions that will help you to a more prosperous 2017.

Overpay on your mortgage

Overpaying your mortgage is a great way to shorten the term of your mortgage and save a considerable amount of interest on the loan.

However, before you decide if you can afford to overpay your mortgage, check with the Mortgage Brain to make sure you will not be facing any financial penalties by paying off your loan earlier than the agreed term.

Consider remortgaging your property

Remortgaging is another option for you if you want to overpay your mortgage, however there are more great reasons why you might want to remortgage. These include:

  • Getting a better mortgage deal or better rate
  • Releasing money to consolidate debts or for home improvements

Here at the Mortgage Brain in Gloucester we can find the perfect new mortgage deal for you.

Find cheaper Home and Buildings Insurance

Are you paying too much for your home and building insurance?

You could make considerable savings by changing your provider. It could also pay to use the same company for both contents and building insurance combined.

Some insurance companies will charge a premium if you pay monthly. If you can afford it, it might be worth your while to pay the whole years premium in one go.

Talk to us here at The Mortgage Brain where we can review your insurance costs and see if we can save you money.

Add value to your property by extending, creating more space or making home improvements

Adding more space to your home will not only help to increase its value, but it will make it a better place for you to live in.

There are several ways you can add value and space to your home. The three most popular improvements are building a conservatory, an extension or converting the loft or basement.

If you are considering making any of the above home improvements, or any others such as new doors and windows, new roof, electrical rewire or new heating system and need to release equity in your property to pay for the work please talk to us here at the Mortgage Brain. We can help you find the most suitable and cost effective way to raise the money required.

Get your house valued

Selling your home is not the only reason you need to get your house valued.

You may be planning some improvements, such as an extension, and you may wish to know if you will recover your investment when you decide to sell.

You may want to know how much equity you have or you may be thinking of re-mortgaging.

If you need help with any of the above services, please contact us here at The Mortgage Brain by calling 0333 340 8888 or emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

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