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Welcome to my Couch to Half Marathon to fund raise for The Fostering Network.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 5:56:00 PM
To introduce myself my name is Katie MacLeod. I am a complete novice to running having never participated in an official run during my 27 years. So, I thought why not jump in at the deep end and sign up for a Half Marathon... How hard could it possibly be?

Following a 20 week training plan sourced online I am assured that at the end of the next 20 week journey I will be fighting fit and ready to take on the 13.1 miles ahead of me, and I thought I would invite you all on the journey with me by writing a weekly blog.

You may be asking yourself why I have chosen to fund raise for The Fostering Network. Having worked alongside The Fostering Network since 2013 I have experienced first-hand the amazing work they do. As the UK's leading Fostering Charity, they champion fostering and seek to create vital changes in Foster Care.

As a mortgage adviser for Foster Carers I am astounded by the compassion and strength that the Foster Cares I have been lucky enough to help, demonstrate in their everyday lives. Not only that I have been blessed enough to meet Foster Children, their Families and social workers at the Fostering Excellence awards hosted by The Fostering Network which is what truly inspired me to give back by raising as much money as possible to help support such a worthy cause.

So however small every penny really does help. Please help support me on my journey to support The Fostering Network by following the link below:

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To introduce myself my name is Katie MacLeod. I am a complete novice to running having never ...
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