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Life Cover

In the same way that you'll insure your car, pet and mobile, make sure you've applied the same principles to you and your immediate family.

"If the worst happens we want to ensure you and your loved ones are protected"

Of course, most of us may think 'it'll never happen to us', but at the same time it's possible that we'll also know of others who have faced unexpected health issues, injury or an untimely death, so it's better 'to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it'.

Have you considered how you or your family would cope financially if a loved one passed away? That's why you should consider having an element of life cover in place.

This is generally set up to ensure that the mortgage can be paid off. Ideally you may want to exceed that amount to also make sure that there are some funds available for those left behind, enabling them to get through a difficult, emotional and financial period as painlessly as possible.

At the Mortgage Brain we highly recommend our clients have life cover in place. We will tailor the quote to suit your budget and needs once we have disscused your cover requirement in more detail. All information will be dealt with in confidence.

We also take into account any employee benefits such as Death in Service and include these as part of your sums so you only have the cover in place that you require.


When you set up life cover, consider placing the policy in trust as it will help ensure that the proceeds are paid out speedily to the beneficiaries that you have chosen. It could also potentially enable you to ring-fence any pay-outs to help reduce a future inheritance tax liability.

Call us on 0333 340 8899 to get a quote or find out more about Life Cover.

As with all insurance policies, terms, conditions and exclusions will apply.

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