Accident, sickness
& unemployment

How will you pay your bills if can’t work?
If you have an accident, serious illness or find yourself without a job, how long could you keep your life together? Having payment protection insurance in place will help you get back on your feet, providing you with another income when you’ve lost yours.

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You can have full accident sickness and unemployment cover, or just standalone unemployment cover.
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These policies are less comprehensive than Income Protection cover, they cover you for a maximum period of two years for a monthly benefit amount which can be a maximum of up to 75% of your annual salary. It can be used to ensure that if you are off work due to accident, sickness or unemployment that your mortgage payment is covered.

There will normally be a deferred period attached to the policy which will be the length of time you will wait before the monthly benefit is paid.
A lot like the Income Protection cover this will depend on any sick benefits you get through work if you are applying for the accident and sickness element of the cover.
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