Adverse credit mortgage advice

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If you or your partner have a poor credit history due to missed payments, CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcy, it may still be possible to get a mortgage as there are lenders and products available for this sector of the market. There are many factors that may help with your application that we can review and, as the market is constantly changing, we can advise on the next steps.

Our team of experienced advisers is available to discuss your options to make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy a property.

Please review our FAQs for more information on adverse credit mortgages:

If I have a poor credit history can I get a mortgage?

In a lot of cases yes. There are mortgage lenders and products available for applicants who might have a poor credit history.

If I need to provide a credit report to a mortgage adviser will this make my credit score worse?

When you view your own credit file there is no impact on your credit score. It is often important for us to see your credit report to establish the best way to progress your application for you. When you start a mortgage application then it will be necessary for the lender to perform a credit search on you, however we always check with you prior to doing this.

Should I wait and try to improve my credit score before applying for a mortgage?

Depending on what this credit issues are then the longer you can wait form the point of discharge the more options you are likely to have. It’s always worth discussing your options with one of our advisers as there are lots of factors that might help with your application that can be reviewed.

I have missed a payment on my current mortgage, but I am up-to-date now. Can I remortgage?

Missing mortgage payments will certainly have one the most severe impacts on being able to obtain another mortgage or remortgaging. Please talk to us to discuss your options but the older the last missed payment the more options you are likely to have.

What happens if my credit is good however my partners is not good?

You can still get a joint mortgage and this allows you to apply for a higher amount because both your incomes are taken into consideration to calculate how much you can borrow.

Lenders will also consider both credit histories. Different lenders use different calculations so your partner’s credit report will have more impact with some lenders more than others. Speak to us to ensure all the options are reviewed for you.

If my partners credit score is bad, if we apply for a mortgage will my credit score be affected?

Applying for a mortgage together won’t necessarily affect your credit score. Make sure that everyone is transparent about their credit score so that there are no surprises to anyone once the application is in progress.

I have been bankrupt. Can I get a mortgage?

Yes there will be lenders that we can access that will allow this, however, you will need to have been discharged and the amount you can borrow, compared to the property value, might be restricted. If you were discharged 6 or more years ago you potentially have access to better deals and lower rates. The lenders will want to understand the reason for bankruptcy.

I have settled my IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) so can I get a mortgage?

Yes, there are potential mortgage options for you and so please talk to our advisers.

I’m currently in an IVA. Can I remortgage to settle it?

Yes, this is possible, but the market is constantly changing, so speak to one of our advisers to understand the options available to you.

Will I pay more for my mortgage due to my bad credit?

Not necessarily as the market is changing quickly. As with all mortgages a combination of personal factors will determine the products available to you. Whatever your circumstances, speak to one of our advisers to understand your options.

Can I get a mortgage if I have a CCJ (County Court Judgement)?

Yes. The number of lenders who are willing to provide mortgages to borrowers with CCJs, even when those CCJs are unsatisfied has increased recently. Factors that will be taken into consideration are how many CCJs you have, when it was registered and the amount.

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