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There are lots of fantastic and affordable borrowing opportunities that The Mortgage Brain can offer buyers following the end of Help to Buy.

You can choose from low deposit schemes, still from 5% of the purchase price, to private equity loans to income boosters as well as green mortgages with a range of financial incentives including cash back. Our advisers are fully up to date with all the information and can get applications underway quickly. Read more about the various options below.

Generation Home

  • Generation Home offers 2 methods that can be used together or separately, Income boosters and Deposit boosters
  • Income boosters – an individual (or couple) can have up to 6 family members to be their income booster. They can choose to contribute a set amount each month or to cover the whole amount should the payment be missed. This can help maximise the amount of lending available to you
  • Deposit boosters – these individuals DO NOT need to be related to you. They can choose to contribute towards your deposit
  • Both boosters can GIFT the money or choose to INVEST the money and get it back (like an equity stake) but it’s protected at all times
  • This type of mortgage is called a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP). Only the people buying the property go on the deeds, meaning the stamp duty is not affected by the boosters
  • Available to First and Next Time buyers

Deposit Unlock

  • A 95% Mortgage to the customer
  • Developers pay a percentage of the purchase price to an “insurance pot” which reduces the risk to the lender. This means the developer is contributing to allow the buyer to take advantage of a slightly cheaper rate on a high LTV
  • Lenders are Accord, Newcastle and Nationwide
  • The maximum purchase price and property eligibility are subject to lenders’ criteria
  • Available to First and Next Time buyers

Green Mortgages

  • A mortgage that’s available on homes with an Energy Performance rating of Grade A-C which could be in the form of a cheaper rate, cash-back or other financial incentive from the lender
  • Available to First and Next Time buyers

Own New mortgages

    • For up to 95% of the purchase price, you only need a 5% deposit
    • A standard mortgage, but tailored exclusively for people buying new-build homes
    • Ideal for people with low deposits or more complex financial circumstances
    • You go on to own 100% of your new home
    • There is no cost to the homebuyer for using Own New

Find out more in our Own New Mortgages Guide.

Shared Ownership

Find out more about shared ownership mortgages in our mortgages section.

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