Contractor Mortgages

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We pride ourselves on getting the best mortgage based on your contract earnings, removing the need for you provide payslips or accounts and often we can access more funds than those who are employed.
Contractors face problems where you minimise your tax bill by using legitimate methods to reduce your taxable income; although this is great for tax planning, this affects your potential borrowing amount.
As an independent mortgage broker, we have over the years, been building our network of lenders who understand a contractor's payment structure. Using their standard multiplier on your annualised contract earnings helps them determine the maximum amount they will lend you.
We know which lenders will best suit your circumstances; we understand the different application procedures and who can process your application with minimal delays saving you much valuable time.
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We can secure you a mortgage based on your gross contract earnings. So for those who have just started contracting or have less than three years’ accounts, you can still apply for a mortgage.
All we will need from you is:

A signed copy of your current contract, displaying your rate

An up-to-date copy of your CV confirming your employment history

The last 3 months’ bank statements confirming your contract earnings

Proof of ID, passport, utility bill or driving licence

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