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The Fostering Network

We are pleased to announce our partnership with The Fostering Network, offering specialist mortgage advice to Foster Carers.

We do not charge a fee for a mortgage consultation. There is however a fee for arranging your mortgage. For members of The Fostering Network this fee has been reduced to £150 payable on application.

How can we help?

We understand the challenges faced by Foster Carers when it comes to securing a mortgage.
Working across the whole of the market, our advisers have established working relationships with lenders to ensure that 100% of the fostering income can be used.

We offer outstanding customer service and it is our commitment to support you throughout the mortgage process from application through to completion.

Frequently asked questions...

How long do I need to have been fostering for?

You need to have been a foster carer for a minimum of six consecutive months.

How much of my income can be used?

We work alongside lenders that will accept 100% of your income as a foster carer.

How can I evidence my income?

Evidencing your income will depend on which lender best suits your needs. The good news is that we will never ask to see your accounts, which is often a stumbling block for foster carers when obtaining a mortgage.

Do you understand the different types of fostering?

Put simply, yes. Our advisers have a wealth of experience working with foster carers. The types of income they have encountered include respite care, short- term placements, long- term placements, special guardianship, right through to adoption. They truly understand how your income works.

Your specialist advisers

Marcus Davis and Katie MacLeod have helped hundreds of foster carers working with The Fostering Network to ensure the best service for their members. We are delighted that they have joined The Mortgage Brain bringing with them their expertise to continue to take the stress out of the process for Foster Carers when looking to secure a mortgage.

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