Self Employed Mortgages

You’ll need a Mortgage Specialist to find you the best self-employed mortgage
We work with numerous lenders, with many of them having a better understanding of self-employed income sources. We can discuss your scenario with these lenders to establish your affordability based on your types of income.
Although since the credit crunch we are now governed by tighter regulations, obtaining a self-employed mortgage is still achievable.
self employed mortgages
How can we help you?
If you have just become self-employed or have less than 2 years’ accounts, the good news is, it’s still possible for you to apply for a mortgage. And we can help.

The process is simple and not too dissimilar to the employed applicant process:

A signed copy of your current contract, displaying your rate

An up-to-date copy of your CV confirming your employment history

The last 3 months’ bank statements confirming your contract earnings

Proof of ID, passport, utility bill or driving licence

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