A new Help to Buy scheme could be on the cards and 100 per cent mortgages have arrived

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A new Help to Buy scheme could be on the cards and 100 per cent mortgages have arrived

Help to Buy News

When the government’s Help to Buy scheme came to an end last year for new applications, it left fewer options for first-time buyers with a limited deposit to get on the ladder. In the nine years the Help to Buy equity loan was on offer 383, 903 properties were bought, of which 325,054 were first-time buyers of brand-new homes. Now, maybe too younger voters, the government is rumoured to be considering a new similar scheme this time available to buy both brand new and pre-owned homes which should enable more first-time buyers to consider this option wherever they live in the UK and could encourage regeneration in more affordable areas. So it’s a thumbs up from me, let’s hope the idea gets off the drawing board.

More Homes Needed as Housing Targets Scrapped

All governments have wrestled with the numbers when it comes to housing targets and once again the pledge to build 300,000 homes a year hasn’t been met; without more supply and increasing demand, prices will continue to rise it’s a simple equation. Local planners need to address the issues of density and aesthetics so that local people will be less inclined to reject schemes which could bring much needed homes. We’re seeing many customers come to us who are paying high rents and find that we can source a mortgage that is no more than the rent they are paying and, in some cases, less. That’s thousands of first-time buyers who have stopped paying someone else’s mortgage in rent and have started paying theirs. If you’ve been thinking for a while that you can’t afford to buy, book a call with one of our experts, you may be surprised that you can now look at getting on the ladder.

100% Mortgages 2023

That brings me on to 100 per cent mortgages! Since my last column I’m pleased to report that Skipton Building Society has indeed launched its 100 per cent “Track Record Mortgage”. It’s available to first-time buyers only, aged 21 years old and over, who have a provable track record of renting for at least 12 months in a row during the last 18 months and a clean credit history.

The maximum term is 35 years and is available with a five-year, fixed rate of 5.49%.Two affordability calculators are used, one based on the current rent the borrower pays, the other is the standard calculator Skipton use. They will lend on the lower of the two outcomes and potential risks and challenges these borrowers may encounter in the future too such as negative equity, have been fully taken into account.

The mortgage is available on all property types except new build flats and is not a one size fits all solution but it’s a huge leap in the right direction and will help many more people take the first step. We’re delighted to say that our expert advisers can now help customers with their applications for this mortgage. That’s 100 per cent good news!

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