Don’t put off important financial decisions

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Do not put off important financial decisions

Enzo Mora of The Mortgage Brain says early action could save you money.

Time flies especially when it comes to organising your finances. It may seem as if it was only yesterday that you sorted out a mortgage and bought your dream home or remortgaged to a better deal. However, since then rising house prices could mean there is more equity in your home, and perhaps your salary has increased too. These are important factors that could mean you will qualify for a very competitive mortgage and could see your monthly repayments reduce, even if you want to increase the size of your loan.

Thousands of homeowners will see their existing mortgage deals coming to an end this year and at The Mortgage Brain our expert advisers are already getting in touch with our customers to remind them. We do this at least five months in advance, so they can make an informed choice and save as much money as possible. Unfortunately, some of the emails go unanswered, until the customer gets a letter from the lender telling them their monthly payments are increasing – that’s never a good letter to receive!

We know people are busy and put off renewing financial matters, whether it’s a phone contract or cancelling a subscription we no longer need, however, we can see the bigger picture and know that when it comes to remortgaging, by acting quicker you are more likely to secure a better deal.

You don’t have to be an existing customer for our fully qualified team to help you. We can look at your individual circumstances, search for and compare a range of offers, many exclusive to us, from a wide range of lenders.

As a first step, try out our interactive mortgage calculator to get a good idea of what’s around then you’ll be ready to speak to one of our team – time flies but it’s also of the essence.

By Enzo Mora, founder and CEO at The Mortgage Brain.

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