Madupavitra Palani

Mortgage & Protection Administrator
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Madupavitra Palani - Mortgage & Protection Administrator

About Madupavitra

Madupavitra Palani, a dynamic young mortgage administrator, deftly crafting dreams into reality. With a keen eye for numbers and a heart to grow into financial industries. Beyond her love for mortgages, she unleashes her competitive spirit on the badminton court, smashing her way to victory with strategic finesse. That’s not all – when the sun sets, her creative soul takes centre stage as she dives into the enchanting world of scriptwriting.

Who we work with

At The Mortgage Brain we work with all the major high street lenders and many other respected providers to ensure we find the very best mortgage to suit your individual circumstances.

Bank of Ireland
Clydesdale Bank
Leeds Building Society
Mortgage Advisers
The Mortgage Lender
Coventry Building Society
Kent Reliance
The West Brom
Accord Mortgages
Nationwide Building Society
Nat West
The Cooperative Bank
Skipton Building Society
Metro Bank
The Mortgage Works

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