five reasons to use a specialist new build broker...

five reasons to use a specialist new build broker
Financial Security

1. Financial Security

Buying a new build property is very different to buying an existing property. For starters you can see what it is you are buying with existing homes whereas with New Build you often just have a site plan to look at.

That property often won’t be ready to move into for at least 6 months and a specialist new build broker will take that into consideration when looking at mortgage products for you. The last thing you want is for your rate to expire and needing to reconsider your budget a few weeks prior to moving in.

We are here to protect you from that wherever possible.

2. Reassurance

Before you pay any fees, to either the developer or the solicitor, we will run a thorough check on your income and confirm your ability to obtain a mortgage. We do this by getting evidence of your income, your ID and running a credit check on you with a lender to reassure you that you are in a position to start the process of buying a house.

Green Mortgages

3. Green Mortgages

Buying new means you will purchase an energy efficient home which will save you money on your energy bills.

In addition to that we may also be able to secure you a Green mortgage which is a reward from the lenders for buying a high rated EPC home. This could be a discount on your rate, a cash back or an alternative financial reward.

4. The Right Rate

Our experts have access to hundreds of products from across the market. We also have access to semi exclusively available affordable schemes.

We go above and beyond to help you get that first step on the ladder offering you options you may never have considered before or have heard of. Your adviser will work with you to make your property purchase dream come true.

The Right Rate
Fee Free

5. Fee Free

We offer you a fee free service from a New Build Expert.

We look after your financial needs.

Who we work with

At The Mortgage Brain we work with all the major high street lenders and many other respected providers to ensure we find the very best mortgage to suit your individual circumstances.

Bank of Ireland
Clydesdale Bank
Leeds Building Society
Mortgage Advisers
The Mortgage Lender
Coventry Building Society
Kent Reliance
The West Brom
Accord Mortgages
Nationwide Building Society
Nat West
The Cooperative Bank
Skipton Building Society
Metro Bank
The Mortgage Works

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