House Prices in 2023

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House Prices in 2023

What Can We Expect From The Housing Market in 2023?

Official figures show a slow down. Buying a property for the first time or choosing to move home now might be a good move.

When the housing market slows, so does competition. Less competition means less pressure to offer more in order to secure the property that you want. Not only this, there will be more properties available. You don’t have to pin everything on that one property. Whilst mortgage rates have risen, we think they have probably peaked. The one saving grace when interests rise is the fact that interest on savings increase and your deposit may be growing.

Buying Verses Renting a Property in 2023

Renting is getting expensive. As buyers put off moving due to the uncertainty of the market, there is a lot of competition for rental properties. Landlords can put their prices up knowing that there will still be plenty of people wanting to secure a tenancy.

The problem with renting is that you are paying to ‘stay’ in a house that you won’t own.

Renting may or may not be the best option for you at the moment. If you are unsure whether buying is the right option for you then give us a call or drop us a line. We want to get you on the housing ladder in the most affordable way possible.

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