House Purchases and Remortgages

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House Purchases and Remortgages

Are House Purchases and Remortgages Still Going Strong?

Home purchases and remortgages have been completing and progressing throughout the whole process. We are referring to the UK lock-down here of course. A lot of our business over this time was for remortgages so people are still on those deals that were set during this time. As a borrower it’s important to know that you can still negotiate new deals with your current lender. It isn’t always about moving on to another simply because they have a good deal on offer. Often times you’ll find that your current lender is able to offer you an equally appealing deal. We can help you negotiate new deals with either existing lenders or new lenders. We’ll review the current market and then chat you through the best deal for you and your own particular circumstances.

Due to the fact that valuations were put on hold during this time, there was inevitably a back-log, so of course, this in turn has a knock-on effect in all areas of the marketplace. The lock-down had two quite different effects on people when it comes to their home. One set of people were desperate to move on, sick of the sight of the same walls day in day out, and then there was the other set that could see the potential in their home and started coming up with all sorts of renovation plans so remortgaging was the right choice for them.

The Housing Market in 2021

The U.K. property market entered a bit of a lull in late August, with a survey showing sales and demand easing as a tax break (stamp duty) began to come to an end. We are expecting things to even out a little over the next few months. Demand still remains relatively high given the issues with the economy in general right now.

Certain areas of the country have seen a significant rise in property prices. 29% in Richmondshire in the last year, according to the latest official figures from the Land Registry. The Derbyshire Dales, North Norfolk, and the Cotswolds have all seen property values increase by more than 20% in a year.


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